A list of Guesthouses, B&B, hotels and camping sites:

Camping site next to Saydet Al Mazraa (high hills):

Permission required from Father Pierre Khoury (78/841 245)


“Beit El Wakf” (endowment house): available rooms to welcome groups with sleeping bags. Contact Father Elie Saadeh (03/867 386)

El Monsef

Sundowner Restaurant & Hotel: 09/ 791 008

Castel Mare Hotel & Resort: 09/ 790190


Communauté Catholique des Béatitudes : Eglise Marie Reine de la Paix, Hostel (09/790 820 – 09/790 821) Email: bealiban@dm.net.lb


There are Picnic places in Mar Abda square.  There are also many other camping places, but you should ask permissions from the owners. Contact Jaj municipality: (09/725 600)

Jisr el Madfoun

Beit Al Batroun (B&B): Mrs Colette Khalil (03/270 049)

www.beitalbatroun.com; Fb: Beit al Batroun, B&B. See more.


Wadaya Greenland (B&B-camping-chair renting) St.Rafqa main road – Jrabta

Fb: Wadaya Greenland. Mr. Antoine Abi Nader (03/212 757)


Al Hilm Hotel: (06/ 580 245- 06/580 550)

House of prayer, “Maison de priere”:

Contact sister Armanse Tohme (06/ 720 301); rooms for rent, like camping (sleeping bags)


The center of Pope Paul 6: it is the summer residence for Jbail Maronite Archbishopric and also a social and cultural services center.

Mr. Roni Sfeir (09/725 070)

Lehfed Country Club: camping space and restaurant:

Fb: Lehfed Country Club, Mr. Tony Saadeh: (03/324 202)

Mar Challita Park: camping, picnics, playground

Mrs. Antoinette Nehmeh (09/725 148 – 71/771 567)


Beit Al Kahen (the priest house- la maison du pretre): contains rooms: singles,

double, triples and quadruples. Contact Father Toufic Bou Hadir: (09/750 370)

St. Anthony’s endowment: for public services, (social, healthy and cultural services)

Mrs. Olga Doumit: (03/ 102 456- 09/750 620), Mr. Joseph Doumit (03/795 456).

Maad Park: A picnic and camping site, it has around 2000 oak and laurel trees, (playground): Mr. Elias Srour (70/ 332 230)


Guesthouse: Mrs. Layla Al Hashash: (09/ 765 063)


Camping sites:Near St. Barbara church: Mr. Tannous Harb: (70/ 099 388)

Kfarsama Village: Father Mansour Labaki project (the church of St. John Paul 2- the church of Padre Pio) (03/330 602)


Guesthouse Mrs. Laurice Abdallah:

(06/ 720 266- 71/ 220 204- Mr.Naiim Abdallah: 03/343226

Motel Rachana palace: (06/720 002 – 03/705 661);

Fb: HOTEL Rachana Palace

Smar Jbeil

TAFLA Project: Guest house – swimming pool – garden for events- camping- restaurant- bar:  Ms. Miriam Maatouk: (71/ 749 448); Fb: TAFLA . See more. 

Aal Adim restaurant and bungalows – Mrah Al Zayat:

Mr. Wissam Abi Nader: (03/ 375 085)

Wadaya Greenland (B&B – camping – chair rental), St. Rafqa main road – Jrabta: Mr.Antoine Abi Nader: (03/ 212 757)

Camping sites: Contact Mrs. Jeannne Claude Toubia Dergham (71/789 635)

In Ghouma: Beit Malek: the highest point in Ghouma.

Pine field next to St. Mary’s miraculous church.

Ain Mar Youhanna.


Saydet Shwayt square: ask permission from Mr. Saiid Baz: (03/270 013)

Saydet Al Qatteen square: ask permission from, Mr. Georges Antoun, the endowment committee (03/650 604)

Al Taalouf Club: Georges Antoun: (03/650 604)